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Test series for presence of mind….

I know most of you are from technical background but there is one  thing is that “Not only our technical knowledge helps, but also the presence of mind and the right answer at right time.”

So I am bringing test series (of 10 questions) for testing of your presence of mind. I will ask one question every day, answer that , even if u don’t know the answer for a question just post such answer that confuse the question itself.


Questioner:”I shall either ask you ten easy questions or one really difficult question. Think well before you make up your mind!”

(after thinking for a while )”my choice is one really difficult question.”

“Well, good luck to you, you have made your own choice! Now tell me this. What comes first, Day or Night?”

Me: (I  jolt into reality as my admission depends on the correctness of my answer, but I thought for a while and said)”It’s the DAY sir!”


“Sorry sir, you promised me that you will not ask me a SECOND difficult question!”

(I am  selected for IIM!)

Technical Skill is the mastery of complexity, while Creativity is themaster of presence of mind

So answer the question:

1) How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Ans: Concrete floors are very hard to crack! (answered by UPSC Topper)

2) If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?

Ans: No time at all it is already built. (answered by UPSC 23 Rank Opted for IFS)

3)If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the other hand, what would you have?



Wireless+ Electricity, can u imagine?

Yes, It is possible. MIT scientist has developed a device which generate the electricity in the surrounding medium and all electrical device within certain range get charged. Watch

And the secret is , I got the same idea about 5 years back during my 1st year Engineering.

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Organic vs. Sponsored Listings

When you search word “Flex” in Google , you will see page like below:Flex_Search_SShot1

You will find listing on left and right side. Now the left side listings are called as “Organic” and right side as “Sponsored”.

But why it is so…Read More

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Flex component life cycle

Mrinal Wadhwa has posted one slide for understanding the Flex component life cycle. I found it very easy to understand. Along with that it also mention the Flex4 introduction. Have a look, click here.

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Here’s an example of absolute brilliance….

Shortest Essay

An English university creative writing class was asked to write a
concise essay containing the following elements:

1) Religion

2) Royalty

3) Sex

4) Mystery

The prizewinner wrote:

“My God,” said the queen, “I’m pregnant. I wonder who did it?”

– content are from the mail to selp(Landmark) group.

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Flex interview questions

1)How do you identify components created in repeater?

Ans:   event.currentTarget.getRepeaterItem() gives component created in repeater.

2)What keyword allow acces to private variables of a class?
Ans : “this” keyword

3)What are sealed classes?
Ans: The classes in action script where no properties or functions can be added at run time are called as sealed classes.We can take the example of String class in java which is final.

4) What is the resource manager?

5) Class A which do not inherit another class, how can we dispatch an event from an instance of Class A
For ex:
var a:A = new A();
a.dispatchEvent(event object);

6) Class A inherit Class B
1) a:A = new B();
2) b:B = new A();

From above 2 sentence which one is correct, explain with example.


Consider the example:

Right one:

var canvas:UIComponent = new Canvas();

Wrong one:

var canvas:Canvas = new UIComponent();

It throws the error:  “Implicit coercion of a value with static type mx.core:UIComponent to a possibly unrelated type mx.containers:Canvas”

Even though the Canvas derived from UIComponent.

so 2nd option is right answer.

7) How to keep same data between 2 datagrids, if operation is carried out only on 1 datagrid?

8) Explain overriding and overloading concept in Actionscript /Flex.

9) Define Class.

10) Explain best purpose of  Interface.

11) Explain component life cycle in Flex

12) Why Flex application is “Event-driven” instead of “Data-driven” ?

13) Why to create the web applications in Flex ? What are the benefits of creating the web app in Flex technology as compared to the other web technologies?

14) What is the difference between “stopImmediatePropagation” and “stopPropagation”?

15) How to listen for  the same event in capture and target phase both?

16) what is abstract class?

17) Explain sharedObject and RSL.

18) What is private constructor, is it allowed in Actionscript?

19) Class A inherit Class B, and Class A has static function cal(), how instance of Class B call function cal()?

20) Which function or event is responsible for showing data in itemRenderer in any list-based control?

21) While overriding  updateDisplayList() method , when to use setActualSize(width,height) and width= value, height=value?

22)CustomClasses  can be created in both mxml and as.  In which scenario .as  is only  option ?

Will post more….. just check on. If you know any ,post that in comment.

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Protect your e-mail address book

A computer repairman says this is like having gold.  This  is a good thing.  I learned a computer trick today that’s really ingenious in its simplicity.
As you may know, when/if a worm virus gets into your computer it heads straight for your email address book, and sends itself to everyone in there, thus infecting all your friends and associates.
This trick won’t keep the virus from getting into your computer, but it will stop it from using your address book to spread further, and it will alert you to the fact that the worm has gotten into your system.
Here’s what you do:
First, open your address book and click on ‘new contact,’ just as you would do if you were adding a new friend to your list of email addresses.  In the window where you would type your friend’s first name, type in ‘ A’.
For the screen name or email address, type AAAAAAA@AAA.AAA
Now, here’s what you’ve done and why it works:
The ‘name ‘A’ will be placed at the top of your address book as entry #1.

This will be where the worm will start in an effort to send itself to all your friends.
When it tries to send itself to  AAAAAAA@AAA.AAA, it will be undeliverable because of the phony email address you entered.  If the first attempt fails (which it will because of the phony address), the worm goes no further and none of your friends will be infected.
Here’s the second great advantage of this method:  If an email cannot be delivered, you will be notified of this in your In Box almost immediately.  Hence, if you ever get an email telling you that an email addressed to AAAAAAA@AAA.AAA could not be delivered, you know right away that you have the worm virus in your
system.  You can then take steps to get rid of it!
Pretty slick huh?

If everybody you know does this then you need not ever worry about opening mail from friends.

DO IT NOW and tell this to all your friends.

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