Too scared to use Regexp!!!!!!!


The RegExp class lets you work with regular expressions, which are patterns that you can use to perform searches in strings and to replace text in strings.

You can create a new RegExp object by using the new RegExp() constructor or by assigning a RegExp literal to a variable:

var pattern1:RegExp = new RegExp(“test-\\d”, “i”);
var pattern2:RegExp = /test-\d/i;

You can see the long series of words arranged in some confusing manner, that is called as Regexp.I found a very simple and interesting article on understanding Regexp as fresher.

After reading above article I lost mine confusion about the ‘^’,’$’,'[]’,’/’.

Now what?
Create the flex application and use it.
I also want to introduce Regexp Explorer. It has collection of Regex expression for Telephone,pincode,name,etc.
Also you can create and test by inputting the syntax and value.
Try it!

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