Take the challenge, if you are programmer


First understand what is the challenge?

Challnge: Whenever Opera browser is installed, it makes folder “Opera”  under location “C:\Documents and Settings\[USER NAME]\Application Data”(for Win XP).

This folder contains many subfolders related to the opera browser. Now for challenge the important folder is “opera6.adr” or any folder with extension of ‘.adr’.

‘FILENAME.adr’ : contains the bookmark stored in Opera browser. We can see it by

1) ”FILENAME.adr’-> right click->open-> select Notepad


2) Open Notepad, drag file to the Notepad

It contains the Opera browser information, folders, bookmarked  links in normal text format.

The challenge is to use that data and show the  data structure  in tree.

There are some hints :

1) Open both Opera browser and the text file(‘FILENAME.adr’) in half minimised window. Compare the Bookmarks menu structure and text data structure.

2) #FOLDER : Each folder is represention in text file

3)#URL :  Each bookmarked url data

4) ‘ – ‘ mark : Most important data. It represent the seperation between each folder, relation between folders and subfolders.

5) Convert that complete data into the multidimensional array or xml structure to show into tree.

I think these are enough hints to track down


1) Install Opera .

2) Go do the directory :

for Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME-to which account you are loggedin]\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile

For other OS, you will have to find or look for the directoy  Application Data or AppData or Opera .

Best of   luck.

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