Very simple mate framework to use in Flex application!

Found the link for video tutorial on how to write the basic code for “Hello World” example by using Mate Framework. Really very simple video to understand it.

Mate video Tutorial

It also include following nice things about the Flex builder

1) create the folder hierarchy within one step

2) create the php project in flex builder and linking with the flex project

  1. #1 by mukesh gupta on September 16, 2009 - 1:42 pm

    while using the Mate framework, I came across the problem. I wanted to set the resultFormat in case of Webservice Invoker.But that is not allowed by default.Though the httpServiceInvoker allow that, but I was using the WebService.
    Then after some research I got that we cab use the default Flex Webservice and its id can be used as instace to the webservice
    <mate:WebServiceInvoker instance="{overviewWS}" method="{method name}"/>

    <mx:WebService id="overviewWS" wsdl="{your wsdl path}" useProxy="false">
    <mx:operation name="{method name}" resultFormat="e4x"/>

    And that works. It gives me the result in xml format instead of default object format. The only thing I got that I have to write webservice operation for each event which require result in xml format.

    What is your solution?

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