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Control the game without any controller…

Watch out the project NATAL, where game can be played without any need of external controller,  keyboard ,  remote controller and need of mouse to control the game. BECAUSE you are the only controller of the game.


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Various tips related to the handling date and time in flex

1) Create the new date instance

var dateA:Date = new Date()

it will generate the current system date and stroe it in the dateA. It’s format is the long utc format.


it will convert string (for ex: “2009/01/22”) to the date when u apply the format YYYY/MM/DD


it will convert date (for ex: 2009/01/22) to the date when u apply the format YYYY/MM/DD

4) Compare 2 dates:


5) date.getTime():

this methode convert the date into the time instance and can be used to comparing the dates.

I was facing the problem in converting the string in format 2009-01-22 06:10:22 (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) , do u know how to do this? I tried the normal way of DateField.dateToString and DateField.stringToDate , but it gives me the null result.

Got one component in Flex to format/parse the time in various format. You can view that component here

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Want to type the url in hindi and other regional lang in the url box..?

Internet will soon get the website urls in hindi and other regional langauges. Internatonal Community for the internet domain names had a meeting with the group memebers and finalized that very soon it get possible.

You can read more on link

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Coding conventions and tips for Flex normally used

1) Private & protected property names are prefaced with an underscore by convention. I.e. private var _myProp:String;

2) Use the camelCase letter for function name and variable name.

3)Obtain a reference to the top-level application object from anywhere within a flex app by using the static property Application.application

4)Use CSS (Application{backgroundGradientAlphas , backgroundGradientColors }) & compiler arg (-default-background-color #CCCCCC) to change the background color of a flex app.


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Powerful video to change your thought

givew me power

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TransformTool in actionscript

TransformTool is the tool used for image resizing,  image rotation,  inverting of images.

on sephiroth,you can find how to  use the component and the  code.

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Good Animation in sites

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