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Top 10 things new flex developer should know

 Digital Dump Truck has posted an article “Top 10 things new flex developer should know” Read out that. 


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We have enough time to save the earth

I found and attached the power point presentation(click on the link below, a prompt will ask for download or view) showing how we are going to make water as important thing for  our children and  planet in future.

Think and take action now!!!!


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2 way binding in Flex4

Binding between two properties in Flex 4 is insanely easy now.
Instead of just using “{}”, now you can add an @ to make it go both ways: “@{}”.
In example, you’ll see the @ in the text property of the second TextArea which will two-way bind with the text property of the first TextArea.

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Huge collection of apis, libraries for AS2,AS3

Check out the link on libspark
It is the open source project with apis, libraries for AS2 and AS3.

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xml serializer for Flex and air application

FlexXB is an xml serializer for Flex and air application, you can check out on the google code here

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Google Wave Gadgets Url

I started using the Google wave account in my office with my personal gmailID. It is developed by around 4 google developers in australia. By using the complete flow of google wave , you can make the guess that it is developed with developers in mind not the simple end user.But still very great tool to collaborate with many persons.

Following are the some features I found interesting
1) addition of gadgets (chess,soduko,google map) in wave
2) can view the tweets in wave

Some of the things which I found as not workable:
1) when we write something in the wave, that is not get published by pressing ‘enter’ key and have to press the ‘Submit’ button always.– means more click event.
2) security is not completely achieved, as most of the wave are visible to other friends even though they are not added in the wave– not to use in the office with unofficial purpose.
3) On the normal screen very hard to see the texts as we are go on write,submit and go on.
4)We can delete the any wave by selecting wave,select the trash icon. But no option for “select All”– so again more click event
Overall experience is good !!!

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Binding in Flex

Read out the post flex-tips-using-bindable-metadata on blog.flexdevelopers .

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