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Remove drop indicator black line from list

 –  use (ListControl Id).hideDropFeedback(event as instance of drag event)


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International Registry for Flex Coders

– If you are the flex developer then there is good resource to present your identity as Flex Developer at international level. Just  add your name in flexcoders international registry for Flex developers. You can also search for your friends in Flex Technology here.
You can fine me also in list.

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Keep yourself busy

 – check out link here to keep yourself busy

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Memory profile of MXML vs AS3 for ItemRenderers

 – check out the post “Memory profile of MXML vs AS3 for ItemRenderers .
-In this post they have comapred use of ItemRenderer for both case of MXML and AS3.

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Career Map for students in India

"All Is Well Yaar"

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