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Stop Minister Chavan from poisoning our food

The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill proposed by science and technology minister Prithviraj Chavhan is an attempt to ease the entry of genetically modified food into India and appease foreign biotech corporations.

Chavan is serving foreign corporations, not the people of India. To draw attention to Chavan’s intentions, Greenpeace volunteers are demanding a citizen’s arrest of the minister as I write.

Ashok Sharma  have already emailed the minister asking him to stop the bill.

If you really want to stop it, then go to below link and fill up the form.


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Alert Box customization

1) Prevent scroll of alert message in case of more text

import mx.controls.Alert;
use namespace mx_internal;
private var alert:Alert;

private function preventAlertContentScroll():void
alert =‘Long alert message causing scroll in text on mousewheel and I want to prevent that. ‘);
alert.mx_internal::alertForm.mx_internal::textField.mouseEnabled = false;

2) Styling of Alert Text

In Style Tag , define class based style and for specific style to the text content use messageStyleName.

– Alert
messageStyleName: “alertMessage”;

letterSpacing: 0;
fontSize: 10;
fontWeight: normal;
color: black;

There are some more styles related to the Alert control.

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Set focus on Username textinput in Login Form on applcation startup

check out the blog post . We can set focus on textinput control at a time when application  just get launched and it is done by js.

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