Cannot debug this SWF because it does not contain ActionScript

Dhiraj Said :

In my project I was facing a problem in Flash. In which it seems that the code was not executing, I can’t even trace anything written in constructor of my document class, And when I had tried to debug the same I got the alert message saying
“You cannot debug this SWF because it does not contain ActionScript.”.

I have found a solution for this

“You cannot debug this SWF because it does not contain ActionScript”.
Unable to compile the source code.

This was due to the large size of the source code. The document class consists about more than 16 thousand line.
Because of this the compiler was unable to compile the code.

Here all we have to do is increase the heap memory size of JVM used by flash to compile SWFs.

Here is the way:
Go to
My Computer > Advance system setting >  Environment variable

In the system variable

1. Add  JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS and its value as –Xmx512M

Here are the other value (–Xmx128M, –Xmx256M, etc)

Do not set to  –Xmx1024M or that will again cause another error of JRE.

2. File >> Save and Compact
3. Delete ASO file from control menu
4. Close Flash,
5. Open Flash.

This solved my problem… ?

Reference Link:

  1. #1 by Evan on November 1, 2011 - 10:39 pm

    … You give these incredibly detailed instructions and then you say “delete ASO file from control panel”
    What is ASO file?
    Where is ASO file?

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