Flex Mx Rich text editor with height change as per content


public const MIN_HEIGHT:uint = 200;
public const DEFAULT_PANEL_HEIGHT:uint = 80

if((richTextEditor.textArea.textHeight + DEFAULT_PANEL_HEIGHT) > richTextEditor.height){
                    richTextEditor.height = richTextEditor.textArea.textHeight + DEFAULT_PANEL_HEIGHT
                }else if(richTextEditor.textArea.textHeight + DEFAULT_PANEL_HEIGHT < MIN_HEIGHT){
                    richTextEditor.height = MIN_HEIGHT;
                    richTextEditor.height = richTextEditor.textArea.textHeight + DEFAULT_PANEL_HEIGHT

    <mx:RichTextEditor id=”richTextEditor”
                       width=”550″ height=”200″
                       headerHeight=”0″ change=”richTextEditor_changeHandler(event)”/>

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