Gradient background container with button as icon with states


<s:Group width=”170″ height=”20″>
<s:Rect left=”0″ top=”0″ right=”0″ bottom=”0″>
<s:SolidColorStroke color=”#e9e9e9″ />
<s:LinearGradient rotation=”-90″>
<s:GradientEntry color=”#cccccc” ratio=”.4″ />
<s:GradientEntry color=”#eeeeee” />
<s:Label left=”5″ right=”5″ top=”2″ bottom=”2″
text=”title” fontSize=”10″
verticalAlign=”middle” />
<s:Button width=”10″ height=”10″ right=”8″ top=”3″
buttonMode=”true” click=”clickHandler(event)”



<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<s:Skin xmlns:fx=”;
<!– host component –>

<!– states –>
<s:State name=”disabled” />
<s:State name=”down” stateGroups=”stateUp” />
<s:State name=”over” />
<s:State name=”up” stateGroups=”stateUp” />

<s:Group visible.stateUp=”false” visible=”true” buttonMode=”true”>
<s:BitmapImage source=”@Embed(‘../images/icon_maximize_up.png’)” />
<s:Group visible.stateUp=”true” visible=”false” buttonMode=”true”>
<s:BitmapImage source=”@Embed(‘../images/icon_maximize_normal.png’)” />



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