Sort Arraycollection based on date field in Flex

If you have ArrayCollection as Dataprovider to Datagrid and you want to sort dataprovider based on single date field for ex: created_Date or modified_Date, then below is code snippet:

public function sortOnFilterModifiedDate():void
var dataSortField:SortField = new SortField(); = “modified_Date”;//date field
dataSortField.numeric = false;
dataSortField.descending = true;//true or false do not affect sorting logic
dataSortField.caseInsensitive = true;

var filterModifiedDateSort:Sort = new Sort();
filterModifiedDateSort.fields = [dataSortField];
filterModifiedDateSort.compareFunction = filterModifiedDateSortCompareFunc;

pageFilters.sort = filterModifiedDateSort;


private function filterModifiedDateSortCompareFunc (itemA:Object,itemB:Object,fields:Array):int
return ObjectUtil.dateCompare(DateFormatter.parseDateString(itemA.modified_Date),


Use below code to sort in Descending order: -1*ObjectUtil.dateCompare(DateFormatter.parseDateString(itemA.modified_Date),




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