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Convert WordPress into an Adobe Flex 3 Application

 – check out the post “Convert WordPress into an Adobe Flex 3 Application .


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ItemRenderers are reused!

 – check out the post Flex: DataGridItemRenderers are re-used! . For understanding feature of item renderer in Datagrid and its generation feature.

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Flex Application to import contacts from email account by using openinviter

 – check out the post “Flex: Importing Contacts with OpenInviter” .
In this you will find the flex application which communicate with OpenInviter and grab all contacts from the emailid(password also) provided by the user.After fetching data, shows data in datagrid.

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Show preloader in HTML page before flex application loading

 – check out the post “Flex: Preload your application in an HTML page” . In this html page shows the preloader and load the flex application in background. So reducing time taken by flex preloader to load the flex application.

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Online demo of BlackHole

Found the online demo of blackhole on here.Checkout and experience blackhole.

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